Family Office Services

Braeside is a technology-driven financial services firm that provides Family Offices and Wealth clients with a full suite of financial solutions in digital assets, with experience managing over $100mn AUM.

We are a global, independent multi-specialist asset manager, delivering bespoke investment management and advisory services.

We help clients to define and achieve their strategic and financing goals with crypto currencies. We deliver tailored, expert advice, building long-term, trusted relationships.


Ensuring that wealth is protected from within the family and from predators. The challenge is to build privacy in a legal and compliant manner.


Wealthy individuals are a target for crime and litigation, and when privacy is no longer afford, personal wealth is at a greater risk from litigation.


Tax evasion must be avoided, but tax burden must also be minimised in light of changing crypto regulations.


Probate can take up to two years for heirs to get access to funds. Protect the family and allow to inherit your hard earned coins.


Technology standards and coins will change. Follow the trend.